Friday, 15 January 2016

Andrew Mirzoian

Passion Fruit. Passiflora edulis (1818)

Fille Fleur Jr Laharpe (Auteur), Mateja (Illustrations)

Fledgling robins illustration by Janet L. Scott

Nicotiana hort. (as Petunia hort.). Gartenflora, vol. 5 (1856)

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Frank C. Papé

Warwick Goble “For the Nautilus is my boat, In which I over the waters float.”


Joyce Gibson Fairy-at-Twilight

'On the Farm' storybook Hampster Books, London

Wineberry & Shuckless Strawberry (1895)

Panama Flame Tree. Brownea macrophylla, Two flower forms are seen, one is red the other shaded apricot. (1889)

"My Very Own Fairy Stories" written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. Copyright 1917 by P.F. Volland Co.

Lacrosse Players - (1934) "The Girl's Own Annual" - Volume LVI - (1934/5)

Wonderwings and Other Fairy Tales by Edith Howes

“Up to the Sky and Back” by Katherine Orr.

Pitt und Patt / Bild 15

Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos). A guide to the wild flowers, by Alice Lounsberry (1899)

Helen Maria Turner - Lilies, Lanterns and Sunshine

Lore Hummel / Wiesengeschichten / Bild 10

Edward Julius Detmold The Pomegranate, The Apple Tree and The Bramble

Surinam cherry. Eugenia uniflora

The Enchantress postcard by Margaret W Tarrant